Harbortouch Sales Reporting Tools

Harbortouch POS systems provide a complete array of reporting tools that provide business owners with greater insight into sales trends, product popularity and detailed customer tracking.

Business owners can filter sales by product, season or time of year, brand popularity or other trends that might be difficult to recognize otherwise. If certain products or brands are more popular or more popular seasonally, the business owner can benefit from promotions and product expansion to drive sales. If some products and brands aren’t moving well, they can be easily targeted for removal from the inventory list or phased out.
With the ability to generate reports about sales figures, by product, brand, profit margin, and time period, the business owner gains more control over the productivity of his inventory as well as timing for promotions or sales.

With a complete customer database, the business owner can easily identify his most loyal customers, by frequency of purchases, volume of sales and product preferences. Using this information can assist the business owner when considering new products to offer, buying inventory or to reward loyal customers for their patronage. Combining the information available in inventory, sales and customer information reports can help the business owner understand his best customers and develop high impact marketing materials, keeping those customers returning time and again.

See the Harbortouch POS systems wide array of features that will benefit your business.

Jun 29, 2015

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