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How to use an EMV card to make a purchase.

Just like magnetic-stripe cards, EMV cards are processed for payment in two steps: card reading and transaction verification. However, with EMV cards you will no longer have to swipe in the right direction. Chip cards are read in a different way.  Instead of swiping your card, you are going to do what is called ‘card dipping’ instead,

Jan 15, 2016

Grow Your Business with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great tool for showcasing your business for potential clients, customers, business partners, new employees, stockholders, and investors. As with any social media platform, however, it’s not something you tend to once in a while and forget. It’s this view of social media that convinces business owners that their efforts aren’t

Nov 30, 2015

Offering Gift Cards Can Benefit Your Business

Small businesses face steep challenges to be competitive in a world dominated by large corporate owned businesses with large corporate ad budgets. Gift cards are an affordable way to increase your customer base and attract new customers.

According to the Global Prepaid Exchange, Card Commerce, Gives, 7th annual survey; Gift Cards are Good for Business!

Jun 1, 2015

What Goes In a Good Business Plan?

Whether to secure venture capital investments or just to take a long hard look at your potential business before you invest any money, a business plan can help you identify the pitfalls, strategize your market planning and help to keep your focus on your own personal road to success.

The initial page or pages of your business plan should spell out your actual business, from nuts to bolts. While you may know that your idea is a winner, the business plan is where you pen out your plan to succeed. Your business plan should be a summary of your business goals, what your company does, how it will make money and why customers will want to pay for your product or service, what kind of budget is needed and how it will be spent.

Apr 20, 2015