Harbortouch time card functions

A Harbortouch POS system offers a number of valuable functions to maximize your business’s profits and efficiency. It is far more than just a cash register, it tracks both your customers and employees as well as your inventory. It helps your management manage as well as provide tracking of their management efforts.
Managers, owners and employees have different access levels and permissions on the Harbortouch POS system, allowing information to be securely gathered without chance of altering key information like sales or employee hours. Managers can access a complete employee database showing specific details for each staff member, to track hours worked, edit timesheets, calculate overtime, evaluate sales performance and manage secure access levels.
A Harbortouch POS has a built in time clock to manage employee schedules. Monitoring employees clocking in and out for shifts and breaks is simple and secure with down to the minute accuracy. Time card information can easily be retrieved for payroll compilation as well as tracking legally required breaks.
Let a Harbortouch POS system help you maximize your efficiency and improve your record keeping.

Jul 8, 2015

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