Latest Harbortouch Mobile Payment Processing Release

Harbortouch’s Free Point of Sale Program joins Tabbedout with newest Mobile Payment Processing Technology

Harbortouch, the leading Point-of-Sale (POS) systems provider, and industry leading mobile payments provider Tabbedout announced that they have joined forces to release a unique payment solution. Tabbedout’s advanced payment features are now integrated with all Harbortouch’s POS systems.

All US consumers who own smart phones will now have access to this partnership which is an instant and secure way to pay bar and restaurant tabs at over 10,000 Harbortouch locations nationwide. This also adds much benefit to merchants who use the Harbortouch POS systems. They will gain the most advanced mobile payment ability, customer retention and marketing features on the market.

“Our full-featured POS system gives small businesses the same advanced functionality as their larger counterparts so that they can better compete in the marketplace,” said Harbortouch CEO Jared Isaacman. “Winning a gold award from the prestigious Golden Bridge Awards for the second year in a row reinforces our commitment to continually updating our POS systems to better serve our customers. We appreciate this recognition from our industry peers.”

The Harbortouch’s POS system allows merchants access to innovated software that integrates all their sales, inventory, customer and personnel management. There are five different software types: Retail, Hospitality, Convenience, Quick Service/Delivery, and Spirits. The 15” touch-screen and intuitive software and touch-screen hardware give a full-bodied system for overseeing personnel, placing orders and tracking sales, , tracking inventory. There are also several financial performance reports that can easily be generated to streamline a business’s operations.

Feb 11, 2015

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