Offering Gift Cards Can Benefit Your Business

Small businesses face steep challenges to be competitive in a world dominated by large corporate owned businesses with large corporate ad budgets. Gift cards are an affordable way to increase your customer base and attract new customers.

According to the Global Prepaid Exchange, Card Commerce, Gives, 7th annual survey; Gift Cards are Good for Business!
Gift cards can be an effective way to:
• Increase your customer base –Gift cards bring in new customers to try your products and services.
• Complement retention efforts – Studies show over 60% of consumers who try a business for the first time because they received a gift card return to that business.
• Increase revenue – Most gift card users spend more than the value of the card.
• Increase brand recognition – Gift cards can help build brand visibility and customer loyalty. A gift card is like a wallet sized advertisement for your business.
• Increased Security – gift cards are more secure than paper certificates because they reduce the chance of being duplicated.
Harbortouch America offers completely customizable gift cards in conjunction with their POS systems to make it easy for your business to take advantage of the benefits of Gift Car Promotion

Jun 1, 2015

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