Harbortouch introduces caller id integration solution

Harbortouch Announces Multiple Option Caller ID Integration!

Harbortouch proudly announce the release of a fully integrated caller ID module that allows merchants to view incoming calls directly on their POS screen. This often requested accessory helps round out the advanced equipment options available to Harbortouch merchants.

With multiple options available based on expected call volume; When the call coming in is recognized as an existing customer, the system displays that customer’s information automatically and then allows the merchant to create a new order for that customer. If the number calling is not recognized, the system automatically brings up a “create new customer screen” and then allows the user to easily create the order while saving the customer information for future orders.. Merchant with multiple Harbortouch stations at their business can decide which station is set up to receive the calls so that their other stations are not affected.

Jan 14, 2015

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