Harbortouch Announces New Reservations Module for restaurants

Manage all incoming reservations directly through the Harbortouch POS system or via Apple iPad®!

With the new Harbortouch Reservations Module, restaurants can easily accept and track all reservations online or in person with an easy to use module as part of their POS system. With a simple user friendly interface, restaurants can easily set up their table layout, view or add and track reservations by day or month. Easily see who is waiting for a table, which tables are open and even alert waiting patrons by text message when their table is ready.

Comparable to systems costing hundreds per month, the new Harbortouch POS system reservations module is available free of charge and included with the Harbortouch restaurant POS system.

The recently released merchant marketing solution by Tabbedout will also now be available to all Harbortouch Point of Sale Merchants. This new technology is known as Periscope, which tracks all the customers’ data, how frequent they visit the location, and all of their past transactions including purchasing trends. The Harbortouch POS System’s Software integrates with the Tabbedout Widget that is installed on the touch screen. This will also create more robust reporting for merchants to track their customers and sales. Additionally, Periscope gives merchants real-time communication with their consumers. For instance, if a customer leaves a positive review for a restaurant the merchant can instantly provide a discount to that customer. Finally, Periscope allows campaigns for marketing towards customers. There are specific offers and discounts that merchants can release directly to consumers using the Tabbedout App on their smartphones which will prompt them to dine at the Harbrotouch POS location. All of these details will be tracked through the Harbortouch Software giving the merchant the ability to see what marketing works best for their business!

These two innovative technologies create a fluid solution that will benefit both Harbortouch POS Merchants and provide savings for their future and current customers.

Feb 4, 2015

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